Relax! – We have you Covered

At MPG Events and Catering it’s About Time…and Money. You’ve Worked All Day, You’re Stressed, You’re Tired and all you want to Do Is Put Your Feet Up for a Few Minutes and Relax. But You Still Have To Make Dinner. You Could Call For a Pizza or Take Out For the Millionth Time or You Can Call Us – MPG Events and Catering…
Dedicated to Creating Meals That Will not only be fresh, nutritious and Delicious… but will Give You Your Life Back. We love to customize menus!

We Will Prepare Entrees and Side Dishes For Today Or a Five Day Week Ready For You To Pick Up After a Hard Days Work…or We Can Deliver…

If This Sounds Like What You Have Been Waiting For…Please Call MPG Events and Catering At 513-722-2500

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